Title: Assistant Professor of History
Department: Bus, Hist & Social Sciences
Office: RUSS 104A
Office Telephone No: (678) 359-5859
Department Office: Russell 305
Department Telephone No: (678) 359-5125
Email: fwilliamson@gordonstate.edu

Office Hours for: Fall 2020

T 8:30a-9:30a,
T 10:45a-12:30p,
T 1:45p-3:00p
W 10:00a-12:00p,
R 8:30a-9:30a,
R 10:45a-12:30p,
And by appointment
NOTE: All office hours will be conducted virtually

Course Schedule for: Fall 2020

CourseCRNTimeDaysLocationStart DateEnd Date
HIST 1122N 523 0930 - 1045 TR Russell Hall-109 12-AUG-20 02-DEC-20
HIST 2112R 529 1230 - 1345 TR Russell Hall-110 12-AUG-20 02-DEC-20
HIST 4900Y 535 1500 - 1745 T Russell Hall-108 12-AUG-20 02-DEC-20