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Registration Time Ticket Information

Access to registration is managed by registration time tickets.  For currently enrolled students, registration time tickets are prioritized by total hours earned plus current hours carried.  The higher the total, the earlier the time ticket.  Registration time tickets are posted under Check Your Registration Status in Banner Web. 

Readmitted and new students receive registration time tickets based on admissions status rather than total hours.

If Total Hours Earned plus Current Hours Carried Equal The Registration Time Ticket is for the
70 or more 1st registration group
60 – 69.99 2nd registration group
50 – 59.99 3rd registration group
40 – 49.99 4th registration group
30 – 39.99 5th registration group
20 – 29.99 6th registration group
15 – 19.99 7th registration group
10 – 14.99 8th registration group
5 – 9.99 9th registration group
4.99 or less 10th registration group

Follow these links to your registration time ticket in Banner Web:

  • Banner Web (from bottom footer of any web page)
  • Login to Banner Web
  • Student
  • Registration
  • Select Term
  • Check Your Registration Status